Sunday, April 1, 2007

Mrs. Hill's Kinder Class of Dandan Elementary Join Beautify CNMI!

Beautify CNMI!'s younger partners! Last Thursday, March 22, 2007, Dandan Elementary School joined my office and other Beautify CNMI! volunteers for their inaugural cleanup of Dandan Road. The School co-adopted this Road with Team Chura Talo, a group of families from Dandan. Here's another example of the "beauty virus" spreading throughout our communities!


BoReGo said...

Hi Cinta!

It's me, Boni. Please add GES to your friends list:) we're at and mine, it's kind of boring nowadays, but I am trying...really. It's

I wish I could've helped our kids last Sunday, but Tony was working (yes, on Sunday) and I had baby duty.

See ya later,


CNMI Blogger said...

Hi, Bon:

Thanks for visiting. I will definitely link your blogs to mine. Link me, too. I just left you a message on your blog.