Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hustlers v. Patriots Game 1 p.m. Today, April 15, 2007

My nephews are playing against each other in this afternoon's 1 p.m. Little League Baseball Game between the Koblerville Hustlers and the Dandan Patriots. My brother Buddy's son T.J. Kaipat plays with the Patriots and my sister Frances' boys, A.J. and Franklin Lizama, both play for the Hustlers. This should be a fun game! If my Saipan friends read this in time today (tax day, Sunday, April 15), come on out and join me at the ball field in Susupe!Franklin Lizama is in the back row, second from the left; his older brother A.J. Lizama is wearing the black catcher's vest. Their cousin A.J. Lizama is in the back row on the far right; his younger brother Franklin is in the front row, second from the right. Yes, they are cousins and they all happen to share the same last name (Lizama), first name (Franklin) and initials (A.J.). Hmm...could it be because these two families used to be neighbors? My nephews are older, though, so one might say that the parents of the younger pair must've liked the names to name their sons the same names! In my nephew A.J.'s case, his full name is Austin John, so his team uniform says "Austin Lizama." In the case of the other A.J., his full name is Audibert, Jr. His team uniform says "A.J. Lizama." Confused? Well, one way to tell them apart is that one pair has "Kaipat" as their middle name and the other has "Delos Santos" as their middle name. I hope they don't grow up and name their children after themselves, too! That would be too much!
That's pitcher A.J. Lizama getting ready to pitch to catcher A.J. Lizama. Please say a prayer for Audibert, Jr. and his brother Franklin. Their mother passed away from cancer yesterday. May she rest in peace.

The fella on the left is my nephew T.J. Kaipat. That's Tyler James Santos Kaipat. While I was in Tinian last month, T.J. pitched a NO HITTER! He faced 9 batters and retired all of them before the umpires decided to call the game. Way to Go, T.J.!!!
Both of these teams are UNDEFEATED! Only one team can claim this record by the end of today. Remember boys and gals -- how you play the game and the sportsmanship award is very important!
Yup! Come on out and join me. This is where you'll find me later today cheering for both teams, of course! My brother-in-law Dave Selepeo (Cil's husband) in the blue t-shirt; my sister Frances in the red t-shirt; me, and my brother Buddy down in the front.
This guy even made it to two games.
The little girl in the green top wearing the gloves is Kadie. She is my brother Buddy's youngest child. The rest of the kids my sister Frances' children. They are Leilugh Brandy Kaipat (raised by my sister Viola), Juan Celis Lizama, Jr. (top), Franklin Kaipat Lizama, A.J. Kaipat Lizama, and Josiah Kaipat Lizama. Their father, pictured with them, is Juan Celis Lizama, Sr.

Oops! Almost forgot. The reason Kadie is wearing the gloves is because we've been beautifying after the ball games. I've taken to asking the ballgame announcers to invite the players and spectators to pick up after themselves at the ball games. I must say that the last time I was at the games and asked the announcers to announce the cleanup, the people cooperated. Thank you! Si Yu'us Ma'ase. Olomwaay! Let's keep our beautify islands clean.

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