Sunday, April 15, 2007

Game Day -- Patriots v. Hustlers

I arrived at the game late as I was at my cousin Luisa's birthday party across the street. I missed the opening of the game and the first three or four innings. When I got there, I found these family members cheering on my nephew T.J. Kaipat of the Patriots. Hi, Kyle!
Brother Buddy surrounded by his clan.

T.J.'s parents, Mary and Bud Kaipat, and family. I'm sitting with them in the Patriots section.

That's my other nephew, A.J. Lizama, catching for the Hustlers.

Catch that ball, A.J.! That's T.J. at bat. Go T.J.!

A.J. and T.J. battling to retain their respective team's undefeated title.

Whack! He made contact! Nice hit, T.J.! Go! Go! Go!

T.J. looking intense at 3rd base.

I intended to cheer for both teams, but I had to switch over to the Hustlers' side upon learning that the score was 5-0 Patriots. Gotta help out the underdogs!

T.J. waiting to score from 3rd.

Hustlers Coach Toy Celis and his little Hustlers.

A.J. looking mighty serious. Sorry, Frankie. I didn't get any pictures of you this time.

I went over to the dugout and rallied the gang. This is Ray Saralu. When I asked for a volunteer to lead the cheer, he came forward to lead the team. As soon as they began making noise, their spirits rejuvenated and, next thing they knew, they'd scored two runs and spoiled the shut-out! Way to Go, Ray!

A.J. looking tired and disappointed. The two runs fell short of the seven they needed to win. That's okay, guys! The two teams played a tremendous game. And from what I was told A.J., as the starting pitcher, you held the Patriots to three or four scoreless innings that sent up the Patriots' strongest hitters. They finally scored on errors committed by the Hustlers. This wasn't your day to win and that's okay. We're all still proud of all of you!

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Bev said...

Great action pics! Go hustlers!