Saturday, April 28, 2007

Flame Tree Arts Festival -- April 26, 2007: Day One, The Set Up

This year, the Flame Tree Arts Festival, the largest of its kind in the Pacific, is held at Civic Center Park in Susupe, Saipan, CNMI. Festival staff, volunteers, and vendors were busy getting ready for the 6 p.m. Opening Ceremonies.
The stage.

Local musician Joe Limes who is a fixture at these events. Look for Joe to volunteer again when the Liberation Day Festivities begin. Thank you and Olomwaay, Bwibwii Joe.

Arts Council Director Cecilia Celes, on right, and staff Ramona T. Rubuenog take a breather to assess their progress.

The sound crew and emcees. L-R: David Chan, owner of the sound system used this year; Gordon Marciano, awesome emcee, John Hosono, extra emcee, and Gus Litulumar, another local musician volunteering to help with this year's Flame Tree celebration as it was yesterday.

John Hosono sharing a light moment with our photographer.

The hardworking staff of the Arts Council and volunteers pose for a shot.
Angelo and Marites arrive early to set up. Thanks to Arts Council for donating this tent to Beautify CNMI!
Those healthy-looking Flame trees were grown for us by Brad Doer. Stop by the Beautify CNMI! booth and sign up to adopt a Flame tree for $20. We can plant it for you during the rainy season and let you know about it or you can come join us and plant it with us.

The much-coveted Beautify CNMI! t-shirts! Stop by and get yours for $20 adults and $10 kids. Sign up for a MINA membership and you'll get one FREE! MINA stands for Mariana Islands Nature Alliance and is a proud partner of Beautify CNMI!

The FMI banner is hung and the Beautify t-shirts, buttons and stickers went on display.

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Anonymous said...

Cinta: Great photos. I'll be there later on this evening. Looking forward to seeing the festivities.