Thursday, April 5, 2007

Guess Where We Are & What We're Doing

Ready? Go!Okay, give up? Alright. We're getting a preview of the mini movie that Angelo put together to be shown at our dinner-fundraiser commemorating Beautify CNMI!'s one-year anniversary.

As to where this picture was taken -- we're beside the road leading up to Mt. Tapotchao. Our Friends of the Mariana Islands (FMI) partners pitched a tent which will serve as Beautify CNMI!'s "home base" for tomorrow's Mt. Tapotchao cleanup. Gus, Angelo, my nephew AJ and I went up to Mt. Tapotchao to deliver trash bags and gloves to Marites Castillo, President of FMI, and the members for tomorrow's clean up. I understand that Mt. Tapotchao was littered with trash following the trek up the Mountain last year, so Beautify CNMI! has decided to do something about it this year. (A year ago today or tomorrow, Beautify CNMI! didn't exist yet, but April 26, 2006 was the first day our founding group met and I shared my "Beautify CNMI! vision" with everyone.

Good Friday is a big religious holiday for Catholics here in the CNMI and everywhere. On Saipan, people flock to Mt. Tapotchao to walk up the Mountain while many men carry the heavy cross all the way up to the top much like Jesus carried the cross on his way to his crucifixion. Angelo wants to carry the cross again this year as he did last year. If you want to see him carrying the cross last year, get a hold of the calendar issued by the church and you'll see him.

Meanwhile, I learned that our FMI partners also volunteered last year and passed out water and mini breakfasts. I will be joining them in doing that this year.

We plan to leave the house early tomorrow morning to pick up Angelo and beat the traffic up the Mountain. I hope I don't miss the alarm clock. zzzzzzzzz


Angelo Villagomez said...

This is last year:

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Bon said...

You guys always have pictures of food and parties. I wanna friend you!