Sunday, April 15, 2007

Celebrating With More Friends and Family

Here I am with Mike and Charlotte Camacho and their adorable kids.

Mike and Charlotte with sister Vio.

My sister Lynne Bruzzese Bader with two of her three equally adorable kids -- Jesse and Coleman.

More party animals: Lynne, her husband Don, EJ, me, Angelo, Honda-san, Coleman and Jesse.

Jesse and Angelo.

Me and Don.

Honda-san and Coleman test out their soccer skills.
Sofia Bruzzese Bader found a new friend -- EJ, though she nicknamed her "Eyeball."

Here I am with Lynne and Don, two of the best people you could ever meet and I count myself lucky that they are part of my family.

My "Refalubwesch sister."

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KPG said...

eyeball! i am an eyeball...