Monday, April 30, 2007

HOLY CHOW! He Put My Head On Dolly Parton's Body

I decided to take a walk around to visit some of the booths on the second day of the Flame Tree Arts Festival and ended up striking up a conversation with Greg Borja Flores, a caricaturist from Guam. As I was looking at his portfolio, I noticed that he'd done mural drawings with community members in Guam to combat graffiti. "What a coincidence," I said to him. "Beautify CNMI! is just getting ready to launch the 'War on Graffiti' [for lack of a better name] Project next Tuesday." He offered to come up and help us with the Project.

And while we were talking, he said, "Here -- let me do a complimentary drawing for you on the condition that you hang this in your office -- not at your house." Not one to pass up that kind of offer, I quickly accepted before he changed his mind. :) Several people stopped by and snickered as they looked at the drawing. I wondered out loud if he was giving me a Groucho Marx mustache or something. When he was all done, this is what I saw...HOLY CHOW! He put my head on Dolly Parton's body! Trust me -- I don't have Dolly Parton's assets!The 2007 Flame Tree Arts Festival came to a close yesterday. I arrived home utterly exhausted after midnight last night, but I had to muster up enough energy to check my e-mail and some blogs real quick to see how my friends fared over the weekend. I cruised by the Saipan Middle Road Blog and saw a familiar name. DUH! Now it all makes sense! I didn't even look up to see this sign, but now the pieces fall into place.Be careful what signs you end up standing under! Thanks to my friends at The Saipan Middle Road blog for allowing me to borrow this picture. :)

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