Wednesday, April 4, 2007

March Blogfest

It was nice seeing everyone at the March Blogfest at Java Joe's. Nice to have Captain Carl back. Welcome Back, Captain! Enjoyed his stories about his trip to India and about planting a tree on behalf of Beautify CNMI! at the hospital. Good going, Cap. I especially enjoyed the story about the calf and the hairless dolfin tatoo. That's definitely worth blogging about. I'll be looking for it on your blog. LOL!I saw BoReGo, Saipan Writer, and Life in Oceania, though they left before these pictures were taken. Sorry guys. Perhaps we'll catch you next time. Hope to see everyone else next month!


Bon said...

Since I have to get my administrator's certification, I practically live at Java Joe's on M-W. I've seen you guys a couple of times, but get so shy. I never re-wrote the homework I lost BTW. I think I'm just rebelling against nicenet right now. When I stop being mad, I'll finish my work.

Anonymous said...

Cinta: I wasn't able to attend because we had our CAMI-CNMI meeting that same day (at the same time). Seems like everyone had a good time though. I see some new faces.

CNMI Blogger said...


Don't be so shy next time! It sounds to me like you go there to be "alone" and get some things done, but if you decide to take a break, PLEASE don't be shy. Come over and join us!

I love your blog, Bon!


If we can't have you with us, what better reason than to spend your time with such an worthy cause/organization! A good time was had by all but, I tell you what, it would've been a lot more fun had YOU been there! :) So, try to reserve that last Wed. of each month, eh?