Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Happy Hatch Day Turtles!

On April 23, 2007, I was invited to a certain beach to witness a rare sight. I arrived in time to see this huge green sea turtle making her way out to sea after laying her eggs on the beach. I watched as the Fish & Wild Life staff tagged her and was impressed with the professionalism they exhibited in conducting their duties.Last evening, I had the privilege of returning to witness a spectacular sight -- the hatched baby turtles pictured above and below -- instinctively making their way down to the sea to begin their life's journey. I missed most of the turtles as they made their escape to the sea, but I was lucky to catch sight of these little ones before they disappeared into the water.
It was exciting to see these little guys leave their nest, but I couldn't help thinking how many of them will actually survive into adulthood.
This is the last guy I nicknamed "Beautify." Have a safe journey! Hope to see you when you grow up. To learn more, click here to check out this excellent post by Angelo Villagomez.
Okay, that's the best I could do with that moon shot. :)
Bev, Cinta & Angelo. Nice hair, Angelo!


Bev said...

Happy that you guys came out!! See you in June!

Bon said...

Oh man! That is the most awesome, awesome thing. I hope one day I will be able to witness something like that. Someone should write a book about baby turtles.....

CNMI Blogger said...

Yeah, it was truly GRRREAT!

As to that book about baby turtles, ummm...have you looked in the mirror lately? HA! HA!

How about we do a children's book in English, Chamorro, and Carolinian? I'm game if you are!

There's an ANA Grant that could support it and we better apply fast if you're interested.

Lex said...

NICE! Its still surprising how one could live his/her whole life on Saipan and never get to witness such a wonder. But then again if too many folks knew then we'd probably have no turtles at all hehe. Great pics and read as usual Cin, thx =)

CNMI Blogger said...


SOOOO GOOD to hear from you! Have your started your blog yet? :) Be sure to let me know how to access it! :)

You're right; the experience was incredible! We vow to do what we can to protect our natural resources of all kinds. Thanks for stopping by.

Lex said...

http://refaluwasch.blogspot.com and pleasure is all mine when going through your blog :D