Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Judge Kaipat

Other than my stint as an Administrative Law Judge/Administrative Hearing Officer for the Department of Labor, I have been asked to assume the role of "judge" on different occasions.

Several years ago, I was a float judge for the 4th of July Parade.

Years later, I was asked to be a Flame Tree Arts Festival Judge to pick the winner from among the many artists who participated in the Parade of Nations.

This year, the Humanities Council asked me to be a "Content Judge" for the annual Valentine N. Sengebau Poetry Contest (I was also a judge in the first Poetry Contest that established this competition several years ago).

The Humanities Council also recently asked me to judge some high school and college essays on Article 12 of our Constitution, which addresses land alienation.

As reported recently on this blog, I just finished judging some extremely bright high school students as they competed in the 24th Annual Attorney General's Cup Speech Competition.

Last Saturday, May 12, I was a judge in the CNMI's first ever Beautify CNMI!/PAWS Best of the Worst Boonie Pet Show. Yup! You heard right. And what a blast it was! Man -- I can't recall ever laughing so much while judging! Those of you who were there know what I mean. Those who weren't, well, wished you were there. I'll post photos later.

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