Sunday, May 6, 2007

Helping Our Visitors

Last Sunday, May 6, Gus and I were returning home from Kagman when we happened upon two stranded tourists in Papago. Meet our two new friends -- Yuki-san and Ai-san from Japan.
We returned to see if we could help as soon as we could find a safe place to turn the car around. It turned out they were first-time visitors to Saipan. They were staying at the Hotel Nikko and their car overheated on the way up the hill.
I offered them the use of my cell phone to call the car rental agency and then we exchanged contact information. Gus and I stayed and chatted with them while we waited for the car company to show up.
This gentleman from the car rental agency finally showed up with their new car and Yuki-san and
Ai-san hurried to transfer their belongings to the other car.
And the car representative took over the overheated car.
As we got back into our car, Ai-san came by to thank us and flash us this winning smile and "Peace" sign.
We said farewell and off they went on their way.
And this was the last I saw of this little green bug.


Lex said...

Hey they could be my long lost cousins a couple hundred times removed... thx!

CNMI Blogger said...

You never know, Lex!