Sunday, May 6, 2007

Greg Moretti Found Jessica Spinks' Ring

I didn't get a chance to read today's paper when I left the house this morning, but when I returned, I read with amused interest the story below of how my friend Greg Moretti found Jessica Spinks' high school ring on one of his scuba dives. You can click on the image below to enlarge the newspaper article which details what great lengths Greg went through to reunite Jessica of Alton, Illinois, with her ring. (Incidentally, Greg, my former head resident advisor of Robert Morris College, the first college I attended, also hailed from Alton, Illinois. Small world.)I made a mental note to have a chat with Greg about this. I was curious as to whether Jessica Spinks was ever reunited with her ring. I checked my e-mail a few hours later and found a message from Greg. It was as if he read my mind. He sent me this link.

A similar story happened to my eldest brother Cris many, many years ago. Cris lost his high school ring in the deep waters of our Northern Islands, my childhood home. A relative of ours, Tata Roman Lairopi, found the ring and returned it to him. Cris was deliriously happy and relieved to be reunited with his ring, and I am sure Jessica Spinks is thanking her lucky stars and Greg Moretti for returning the lost ring to her.Well done, Greg! Way to put Saipan and the CNMI on the map.And as a bonus for those of you who are curious about my old childhood home island up to the north, enjoy this picture of my friends Dee and Scotty on Pagan with Mt. Pagan in the background.


Jeff said...

Do you have more Pagan pics, or know any links to places that host some?" I'm curious to see some.

Marianas Eye said...


Thanks for your note about Arman.

I'm trying to finish up the MP Magazine story. Do I remember correctly that you are the first Carolinian woman in the CNMI to become an attorney?


CNMI Blogger said...


Do you mean Pagan now or then?

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