Thursday, February 1, 2007

Our First Bloggers Meet Up

Photo Courtesy of Bev Cabanatan
Photo Courtesy of Bev Cabanatan
Photo Courtesy of Bev Cabanatan
Photo Courtesy of Walt F.J. Goodridge

We had our first Bloggers Meet Up at Java Joe's last evening (January 31, 2007). There were 10 of us who were there. Some were old pros at blogging, such as Walt Goodridge and Angelo Villagomez, but the rest of us were at different stages of our blogger development. :D For instance, some of us just started a blog, and some of us had been blogging for a little while, but perhaps not as long as our two blogging leaders -- Angelo and Walt. We all went there with different needs and expectations.

I enjoyed meeting Melissa in person and was happy to pick up some tips from her. Thanks, Melissa! I'd met the other blogger friends who were there so it was great to see and be with them. The food and coffee at Java Joe's was terrific. I had beef brisket and some hot chicken wings. The way it works is you buy something and they give you a password which you'll need in order to use their internet privileges.

I was able to get help from Angelo on my blog. It still needs a few more bells and whistles, but I'm getting there. Olomwaay and thanks, Angelo. Thanks to you and Walt for sharing your talents and knowledge with us infanbloggers.


Melissa said...

Thanks, Cinta! Anytime!

Walt said...

Wow! Cinta, I like how your blog is developing! For someone who claims to be new at this, it has the feel of a real pro!