Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Breakfast At Shirley's!

Beautify CNMI! volunteers enjoying breakfast at Shirley's in Garapan
Following our fun and successful clean-up of Mt. Tapotchao, the crew met up with Captain Carl to plant some coconut trees along Beach Road (replacing the ones we planted last year that washed out to sea). Then, we decided all that work made us hungry, so we headed to Shirley's. Shirley's is one of my favorite restaurants to eat here on Saipan. They're originally from Guam and are a welcome addition. If you're hungry for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, cruise by Shirley's for some great food. If you're out partying with friends and want to eat before heading home, Shirley's is the place to go. There's a wide variety of food and they're reasonably priced. To top it off, they have wonderful, friendly staff waiting to serve you!

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