Friday, February 9, 2007

Coral Reefs Video with Olomwaay Music

Here's a project that brother Gus and I were very proud to be a part of. Our Coastal Resources Management (CRM) agency produced this educational video to help protect our coral reefs. The videographer, Curt Klemstein, who had worked with us before, asked to use Olomwaay music. We didn't have any instrumental music handy, but he played the rough-cut video for us and then we quickly composed the two instrumental tunes you now hear in this video.

I believe one of the original plans was to have this video played on the airlines heading to our islands to help educate our diving tourist visitors and others about our fragile coral reefs prior to their landing in the CNMI. Unfortunately, the airlines wouldn't go for it. However, this video plays everyday on Channel 3, our Visitors Channel, which is now owned by Flame Tree TV, our newest local channel on Channel 2.

In fact, this came in handy during a recent meeting of the Association of Pacific Islands Legislators (APIL), which the CNMI hosted last year (in 2006). As Vice Chairperson of the House Committee on Natural Resources, and as a member of Olomwaay, I was proud to share this video with our visiting colleagues from Hawaii and Micronesia. They enjoyed the video.

... and I hope you do, too!

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