Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Dining For A Good Cause With ISA CNMI and Aqua Resort

Angelo, Gus, and I had a fun dinner with our Beautify CNMI! partners from ISA CNMI and Aqua Resort last Friday, February 9. The leader of ISA CNMI, Aya Matsumoto (second from right), extended the invitation. Domo Arigato, Aya-san! We were glad to do our part to support the fundraising efforts being done on behalf of Beautify CNMI! by Yoshimi-san and the wonderful folks at Aqua Resort. The food is excellent and you get 10% off your meal plus they get to donate 5% to MINA for Beautify CNMI! How cool is that?!

Fun Facts: Did you know that at least 125 people in Japan are interested in Beautify CNMI? Our ISA partners got the buzz going by translating our Beautify CNMI! website (check us out at www.beautifycnmi.com) into Japanese and got the folks in Japan interested in what we're doing here in the CNMI! Is that terrific or is that terrific?

Thank you! Domo Arigato!Si Yu'us Ma'ase! Olomwaay!

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