Saturday, March 3, 2007

Deaf And Hard Of Hearing Dinner

Brother Gus and I were invited to attend the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Dinner held at the PIC tonight. We were asked to sing some songs that they could sign to. I decided to let Gus, the real singer, do the honors while Nancy and I sang back-up at our table in the background. LOL!Group singing and signing "Pearly Shells."Gus singing "Pearly Shells", "Sunshine On My Shoulders", and "United We Stand" with our niece Lei Kaipat assisting him and our relative Mystica Kaipat signing. Great job, all!(Clockwise) Cinta, Gus, our special guests Nancy Kramisrn and Marlyn Minkin, PSS teacher Bobbie, and CEDAC employees (and Vio's co-workers) Tona and Sheila and LeiThe Kaipat Clan (L-R): Vio, Lei, Cinta & Gus
The evening was a lot of fun. I got a chance to practice my sign language, which I'd learned over 15 years ago at Northwestern University when I lived in Chicago and which I've forgotten a lot of since. I only took two courses, so I was not that proficient by any means. But, despite the fact that I'd forgotten a lot, I was happy to practice what I remembered. Of course, Nancy, my translator, was no more than a few feet away from me most of the evening and was ready to jump in any time to help me. Thanks, Nance, and thank you, Marlyn! I hope you continue to come back to Saipan/the CNMI to help our community members.

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