Saturday, March 3, 2007

Behind The Scenes Up On The Hill

OK, I'm still a complete novice at this blogging thing, but with some help from my fellow Java Bloggers, I hope to eventually take you behind the scenes up on the Hill. I plan to share in future posts what bills I introduced in my first term as a member of the House of Representatives of the 15th CNMI Legislature, and what is the status of such bills.

As soon as I get this thing figured out (or get someone to help me), I will begin posting the bills online for anyone who's interested. While some of the bills have already passed the House and have been laying dormant in the Senate, the ones that are still in the House will give you an opportunity to offer your input before the bill is reported out of Committee to be entertained on the floor.

For example, I know that one of the bills that our CNMI community is anxiously awaiting its passage is the fireworks bill, which I am currently circulating for comments.

Drop me a comment here or e-mail me at if you'd like me to e-mail you a copy of this bill. Comments are due by NOON on Friday, March 16. Deal?


KAP said...

Um. Hate to nAG, but are they sitting on my favorite bill in the Senate?

CNMI Blogger said...

Would you kindly refresh my memory on that one, Ken?

CNMI Blogger said...


Hmm...let me wouldn't be talking about the Legislative Initiative for an elected AG, would you? We have a House rule that no bill is to be recalled from any committee without the consent of the committee chair. It is rare that I grant anyone permission to recall a bill from my committee (the House Judiciary and Governmental Operations Committee) because I want every bill throughly scrutinized, researched, sent out for comments, etc. before it is reported out of committee.

In the case of the Legislative Initiative for the elected AG, I granted Rep. Frank Dela Cruz his request to recall that bill from my committee right away, even though that Initiative only made it into my committee very recently. I did this because I believe this Initiative needs to be entertained expeditiously. Besides, there are a whole lot of other requirements that have to be complied with by the AG in order to put this on the next ballot, so it is time-sensitive.

If this is not your favorite bill, then do drop me a note to let me know which one it is.


KAP said...

Right the first time. Thanx.

CNMI Blogger said...


Your favorite Legislative Initiative (LI) passed on first reading only. That means that it is still in the House.

KAP said...

Gotta pay closer attention; 'thought' I read that it had "passed the House".