Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Kagman Education Island Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

L-R: Ken Kramer (RC&D), Roy Sablan (HPO), Herminia Fusco (RC&D/Zoning) and Sid Cabrera (NMC CREES)

A Kagman Student, Dr. John Joyner, and Rep. Cinta Kaipat

Ike Cabrera (RC&D) in the hat and the rest of the ribbon-cutting crew

Kagman High Students
(All Photos Courtesy of Angelo Villagomez)
Following my meeting with the Kagman Komunidat and agencies, I rushed over to the ribbon-cutting ceremony at Education Island in Kagman. I must say that I was so pleasantly surprised to find such a beautiful place available for students and others to visit and learn about the wetlands and the environment in general. It's also a nice place for our tourists to visit. Perhaps my good friend Angelo Villagomez can post it on the Beautify CNMI! Blogsite's list of beautiful places.

Many folks were there. Beautify CNMI!'s super volunteer group Friends of the Mariana Islands (formerly MOVER) were there lending assistance. Thanks to RC&D and EVERYONE for making this great event possible!

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