Sunday, January 28, 2007

As Gonno Road Clean Up

Further energized by the mega success of the Palo Potu-led road clean-up, Beautify CNMI! decided to tackle As Gono Road, the other road that intersected Tun Kioshi Road and goes all the way past Coral Ocean Point. This clean-up was led by Rep. Cinta Kaipat and staff and other regular super volunteers of Beautify CNMI!, such as Friends of the Mariana Islands (formerly MOVER), dynamic mom and son team of Juanita Fajardo and Adam Sablan, and Ian Catlett. Pala Potu also joined the clean-up, as did our Korean volunteers from Saipan International and ISA CNMI from our Japanese community. We were joined later by Angelo Villagomez and Walt Goodridge, another welcome addition to the Beautify CNMI! family.

We picked up trash alongside the road and worked our way to Coral Ocean Point. While at Coral Ocean point, I met a gentleman who named Jimmy who informed me that he was getting his Palauan group together to join Beautify CNMI!. GREAT! More infections with the Beautify Virus!

Meanwhile, the truck was loaded with trash bags, so the first truckload had to be temporarily unloaded at my mother's house so we could load up the rest. (Thanks, Mom!) The rest of us continued on towards Kobler Elementary School and on to the four-way intersection. At Koblerville Elementary, we found and removed a lot of trash strewn around and through the chain-link fence. Everyone agreed that it looked so much nicer with all that trash gone.

Also, while most of us were picking up trash, some members of the Pala Potu Group continued their fine painting of drainages and curbsides. They sure look so much nicer and brighter! Great Job everyone!!!

After our morning clean-up, some of us got together at Marites' house for a bbq and some karaoke singing. Yep! We still had energy left for all that! And a good time was had by all, indeed!

Donors To Thank: Rep. Cinta Kaipat for the water, gloves and trash bags.

P.S. This clean-up yielded a total of 920 lbs of trash collected and removed. Can you imagine that?!

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