Friday, November 2, 2007

Molly Kramis Celebrates CNMI Arbor Day On October 27 and Spreads Beautify CNMI Beautify Virus in Montana

Molly Kramis of Bellingham, Washington, continues to spread beautifycnmi's beauty virus! Here she is shown with the Ponderosa Pine she recently planted in the Bitterroot Valley of western Montana. Molly picked the Ponderosa because of its beauty and----it is the Montana State tree. This particular tree is special because it was given to Molly by Anna, a wonderful 20 month old here who is deaf. With this tree, Molly honors Anna and all the deaf and hard of hearing children in the CNMI.

Note: Molly also lives with Masters Ron and Nancy Kramis. We thank Molly, Ron, Nancy & Anna for spreading the Beautify CNMI beauty virus and for honoring the deaf children of the CNMI.


Brad Ruszala said...

the cnmi will be a better place if you win cinta!

CNMI Blogger said...

Thanks, Buddy!