Saturday, October 6, 2007

I Found A Yellow Flame Tree!

Most of the blooms on this flame tree have fallen off, but they sure were gorgeous about two or three weeks ago when this tree was in full bloom!
I couldn't believe my eyes when I came across this Yellow Flame Tree. I have been looking for a way to get more Yellow Flame Tree seedlings propagated but, so far, I haven't been successful.

I was told that the lone Yellow Flame Tree at Marianas High School was too old to reproduce any seedlings.

Then I had a conversation with Brad Doerr who grew those Flame Trees for us as part of our "Adopt a Flame Tree Program." He said the Yellow Flame Tree would have to be cloned.

Anyway, since then, I've learned that there are a few (very few) other places on island that actually have this Yellow Flame Tree. I will try and continue to wait patiently until I can get my hands on those Yellow Flame Tree seedlings!


Team Eagle said...

Unfortunately, my Flametree looks like dead. But, my daughter's tree is growing so fast.

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CNMI Blogger said...

Thanks for the helpful advice. I agree with you.