Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We Believe!

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PacificaDave said...

Have you listened to the video and what the people are saying???

if not let me tell you here.

1st ,gray haired lady says

"I believe we should have our own say in how our island waters are managed.

(but you want to give it all away, no say! no manage! gone will be your say!)

2nd man, Island Guy says:

"I believe in conservation, our people practiced it for generations and now we need it more than ever"

(Why now more then ever? whos fishing up north?? did you not do a good job? you did a great job! still plenty of fish! and now you are going to give it away to someone else and take a valuable
resource out of the peoples hand!)

3rd person to speak: old island man.

"I believe the smart choice is to make make money from our island marine resources without destroying them"

(Exactly! without destroying them! so lets just give the resource away, give the opportunity to manage it away, so the people of the island can never make a dime off of a properly managed resource!! I dont get it???)

4th person to speak
Young Girl says:
"I believe its my responsibility to make sure my children and grandchildren can still enjoy our
islands marine life.

(its your responsibility to give the opportunity to manage it yourselves away? give away the
opportunity for people to make a living off a valuable resource?
your children and grandchildren will not be on this island when you give away a chance at being self employed, giving away a valuable resource that could employ hundreds of people from fishermen to exporters, salesmen, people to cook the fish ship the fish, catch the fish, manage the fish,serve the fish.boat sales, boat repair, fishing gear sales
but you want to give it all away!! where are your children and their children going to work??? Garapan buy me drinky bar?
Cleaning up after the tourist jobs?

Don't do this to yourselves! your Island needs all the jobs it can get!!! haven't you looked around!!