Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Welcome Connor, Missy & Jim to the Beautify CNMI! Family

News Flash! Gerber Baby youngest Beautify CNMI! volunteer. Meet my new friends -- Missy, Connor, and Jim. They are the newest Beautify CNMI! volunteers who helped us plant flame trees at the substation in Koblerville. Oh, yeah -- they didn't just help us plant flame trees; they helped pick up trash, too. Missy and Connor going for that run-away paper plate while Jim helps plant some flame trees. Connor says, "Hey, wait a minute! I thought we were going out for a nice Sunday brunch?!" Jim contributing to the transformation of Koblerville Community. Ken (RC&D) gives Jim a hand. "Okay; you wise guys. I'm tired and hungry. Can we go home now?" Thanks, Connor. Thank you Missy and Jim. Please join us again when you find some free time.

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