Sunday, July 15, 2007

Friday, July 13: Answering MHS' Call to Paint 15 Classrooms (Day 1)

I was contacted for assistance in painting 15 classrooms at Marianas High School, our oldest high school on Saipan. This high school was built in 1969, so it's coming up on its 40th birthday. The last time I was in these classrooms was in 1978, my junior year of high school. I left the following summer and headed to Evanston, Illinois, where I graduated from Evanston Township High School the following year. Being back at the ol' high school brought back a lot of memories.

Thanks to all who volunteered to help paint some of the 15 classrooms at MHS. The painting project began on Wednesday, July 11, but we began a two-day painting project on Friday, the 13th. The Office of Cinta Kaipat and Friends of the Mariana Islands (FMI) donated paint brushes. Other Beautify CNMI coalition partners who provided the manpower included Gus Kaipat and the Kaipat Family Volunteers, and Team Chura Talo. Others who were there also included Beth Nepaial and Sam, who were joined by Patty Mendoza and other young volunteers. The MHS Class of '83 also painted two classrooms on this day. Thanks also to PTI for providing the paint rollers and pans and a big thank you goes to First Hawaii Bank for the donation of thousands of dollars to help paint the classrooms and also to purchase brand-new tables and chairs. Today's lunch was donated by Rep. Cinta Kaipat's Family. Special thanks to Chefs Del and Lee Lieto. Thanks, Olomwaay, Si Yu'us Ma'ase, and Salamat Po, Everyone!Rep. Cinta Kaipat huddles with the volunteers. Okay, ready team? Let's Go!
We painted and took out a gazillion staples tacked to the doors.

We moved the desks and chairs to the side so we could paint the ceiling.

We checked our paint supplies.

We prepared our paint.

Swept the walls to prepare them for painting.
And got busy painting...
...and painting...
...and painting...
...and painting...
...and painting! Gasp! It sure was hot in the classrooms and the smell of the paint was overwhelming at times.
But, at the end of Day 1, the mission was accomplished and it was all worth it.
Then it would be these guys and gal's turn to lead the painting party!


Lex said...

Beautify CNMI has got to be the best thing thats happened for Saipan to date. Great going everyone. I think I did my fair share of cleaning up MHS... even though it was punishment for getting caughting chewing betelnut in class... =)

Angelo Villagomez said...

Great job, everyone!

CNMI Blogger said...

Thanks, Lex!
Next time you're home, how 'bout a cleanup or tree planting just 'cause you're a lovable person and take pride in your community? This time, it will be volunteering from the heart (the Beautify CNMI! way), rather than a punishment!
We'll get your gloves ready! :)

Lex said...

Absolutely =)